Award-winning photographer and Tour Leader Ralph Velasco leads cultural tours around the world. Learn or sharpen your photo-taking skills or simply immerse yourself in adventures you may not experience on your own.

It’s been said that one needs to be born with a photographic eye, that it can’t be learned, but I completely disagree. Almost on a daily basis I see the progress my students and tour participants make towards developing their creative eye, and it inspires me.

— Ralph Velasco, Tour Leader, PhotoEnrichment Adventures



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If you don’t like getting up early, then be a writer. — Patrick Symmes

Rooted in Greek, the word photography means “to paint with light.” In general, the best times to take photos outside, are before, during and after sunrise and sunset. Referred to as the “golden and blue hours,” you can harness the oblique angles of the sun which can create unforgettable light. At times it may be beneficial to place your subjects in the shade, which provides a more even light. Direct sunlight can create harsh and unpleasing shadows. If you have to shoot in direct sunlight, using a flash can be beneficial. Although this may appear counter-intuitive, if your subject is within your flash’ range, it can fill in those harsh shadows, without affecting the background.

Tell Your Story


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The question is not what you look at, but what you see. — Henry David Thoreau

Take your viewers behind the scenes of your travels. Shoot the parts of a scene that tell the story you want to convey. Always be curious. Walk through back alleys and discover the essence of local people and places.



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Great subjects make great pictures. — Jim Zuckerman

Capture images of everyday life, whether it’s people sitting in doorways, staring out windows, or walking down the street; people simply doing what they do.

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