San Jose’s National Theater


The National Theater of Costa Rica is one of Costa Rica’s most notable buildings, a must-see for all lovers of art and architecture.


The theater was built in 1897 in the neo-classical style and features an elaborate marble lobby and auditorium decorated with paintings depicting 19th-century life in Costa Rica. Take a guided tour or attend a performance at this beautiful old theater.

San Jose’s Pre-Columbian Gold Museum


San Jose’s Pre-Columbian Gold Museum is home to 1,600 individual gold artifacts that date back to the pre-Columbian era, from 500 AD to 1500 AD. The gold artifacts are a wonderful display of skill, craftsmanship and ingenuity. Descriptions and explanations are provided which help you interpret the advanced craftsmanship of the pre-Columbian people. Artifacts include El Guerrero, a large gold figure clad in gold ornaments, and more.


Figurines of animals such as frogs and birds, amulets, jewelry and ornaments are also on display, all showcasing the skills of the pre-Columbian people.

San Jose’s Museo del Jade


Jade was associated with water and vegetation, especially young, maturing corn due to its ‘green’ color. For this reason, it was related to life and death and therefore holds a revered place in pre-Columbian civilizations.

San Jose’s Museo del Jade boasts an extensive collection of pre-Columbian jade jewelry and artifacts from 500 BC to 800 AD. Interpretative information explains why jade was revered in pre-Columbian times, and how it was used and traded.


You will also find stone work, ceramics, ceremonial heads, and other decorative pieces.

Sun, Sand and Endless Hot Days at the Village of Montezuma


After spending a few days experiencing the unique attractions in San Jose, head to Montezuma, a picturesque village, known for its bohemian atmosphere, beaches and waterfalls. The village is surrounded by forested hills with small rivers forming scenic waterfalls and pools.Capuchin monkeys live in the forests and are easily seen.


Montezuma has attracted a multi-cultural blend of artists and hippies. The Farmers Market is a good place to purchase their artwork and organic food. Musicians gather for a jam session too. Montezuma has an impressive selection of restaurants serving food from all around the world along with bars with live music.

Planning Tips

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Enjoying the sights and sounds of the city of San Jose, walk to the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum (9.933524, -84.076668), Museo del Jade (9.933223, -84.072744) and the National Theater (9.932922, -84.077023).

To get to Montezuma, take the direct bus from San Jose’s Nueva Mega Terminal to Montezuma. The price includes a ferry ride from the ferry terminal at Puntarenas to Paquera, from where you will take the same bus to Montezuma.