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TravelMyHeart is a big idea and addresses a real customer problem. Not only will it make travel planning easier and more fun, but it will get me to travel more. This customer-driven approach is very refreshing and I am looking forward to using the service.

B. McCabe, traveler

I believe the fundamental part of traveling is for it to be an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately current planning, booking, and paying processes are not. TravelMyHeart changes things. Its intuitive approach maps to my decision-making process, making it painless and fun to find and plan memorable vacations.

J. Paredes, traveler

Delightful Trips. Unexpected Experiences.™

TravelMyHeart™ is a new, exciting, pre-launch global community and platform for travel enthusiasts. Our innovative community and platform intuitively maps to traveler’s decision-making, making travel planning fast and fun, so more people travel more often.

Travelers use TravelMyHeart to find and book delightful experiences – places to travel to, things to see and do, places to to stay and eat at, and other leisure, entertainment and travel products and services – right when they are making travel decisions.

If you are a tour or activity provider, lodging establishment, restaurant, bar, destination marketing organization, or if you provide other leisure, entertainment and travel products and services, we invite you to list on TravelMyHeart to make more sales and build your business.


TravelMyHeart is incorporated in the United States of America and headquartered in Richmond, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Where is our Heart?


We at TravelMyHeart set out on a journey, a journey to create a business around a passion, our passion for travel.

And, as we have signed up Partners to list on TravelMyHeart, we have come to know them. Most run locally owned and operated businesses and have themselves followed their hearts to create travel products and services that create moments of joy – moments of joy that all of us can string together into a sparkling necklace of a life well-lived.

And as we look into the eyes of our Partners, our purpose has become clear: to help our decent and brave Partners grow their businesses and enrich the communities they live in. And in so doing, we will in turn alleviate the growing inequalities of income around the world and help foster mutual understanding and inclusion.


Today, our customers empower us – through their kindness, their courage and the light that shines in their souls.

Won’t you join us in our adventures?

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— Alpa Agarwal and Ankit Agarwal